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Pre-Application for Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS)


Welcome to Torch Trinity.
Our normal initial response time to applications is about five (5) business days.
Please be assured that your application will receive our timely and professional attention. If you do not hear from us after ten (10) days, please email us at

Instructions for the Online Pre-Application

Read through the following application instructions completely before filling out the online Pre-application form.

Pre-Application Deadline: , ,

Before you start your pre-application, you are required to input your email address. It is important to put a correct email address. It will be your online identity and used for further communication.

As a rule, as you type in information save your information frequently. Please note the following:

• Automatic logouts occur when there is no activity for thirty (30) minutes.
• All submissions are final. You cannot change information after you submit them.
• Incomplete forms•which were not submitted•can be re-accessed using the same email address.
• Completed forms are seen by reviewers. Incomplete forms are not processed.


The following people are automatically disqualified to apply to the TSMS program:

• someone who currently resides in Korea
• is married to a Korean or of Korean descent/ or someone from the developed countries
• has family in Korea
• has a spouse living in Korea (now or during enrollment)

In addition, Torch Trinity does not have housing for couples and families. We do not offer this scholarship to couples.


Stage 1 - Personal Information

- You are required to provide your personal information. Every question must be answer in order to move to the second stage. Do not skip any question.
- Input List: Full Name, Current Address, Marital Status, Educational Backgrounds

Stage 2 - Personal Statement

- You need to submit your personal statement in which you can share your testimony and vision. Please write your personal statement within the given space.
- Question List (maximum 500 words each question)

A. Describe your personal encounter with Christ and details of spiritual growth.(maximum 500 words)
B. Explain your ministry leadership experience and background (maximum 500 words).
C. State your projected ministry after studying at Torch Trinity (maximum 500 words).

Indicate your promised ministry information: Name of Organization, Location, Position, Ministry Description

Stage 3 - Transcript of Records

- Send your transcript of records in English from each school you attended after your twelfth (12th) year (post-high school/after pre-university college) where you have taken a minimum of 3 courses for credit even if the work was transferred to another school.
- The scanned file should be in .gif, .jpg, .pdf format and the size should be below 200K. In order to reduce the size of your file, scan it black and white.
- For MDiv, MEd, and MA programs, applicants are required to submit the transcript of records from your undergraduate courses. Transcripts must be in English.
- For the ThM program, applicants are required to submit English transcripts from their bachelor's and MDiv degrees. An MDiv is required to apply to this program along with a minimum of 1 year of each biblical language: Greek and Hebrew. More years may be required according to each department. You must provide transcripts for all language studies if they are not in your bachelor and divinity records to demonstrate that you qualify for the ThM program of your choice.


How to Use the Online Pre-application

To complete the online pre-application, simply type your answers in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the pop-up lists (where applicable). After you complete each stage, double check your work to look for errors, then click the SUBMIT button to go to the next stage. If you need further information or have any question concerning any part of the pre-application process, please feel free to call the admissions office at +82-2-570-7348. You also may email us at or visit our website at We reserve the right to request additional materials from any applicant or an interview with a representative of Torch Trinity.

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